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Who is Moong?

Moong strives for a casual atmosphere, with quality snacks from Asian kitchen for everyone. Quick and healthy, so drop by sometime.

You can find us here

Herestraat 80
9711 LL, Groningen

Bubble tea & more

Bubble Tea is originally an Asian drink made with cold tea, ice cream, milk, syrup and tapioca balls.


Jianbing is a Chinese version of a healthy pancake, with mostly savory toppings.

(available from February)


The soufflé pancake is a Japanese recipe, is light and airy and has a sweet taste.

(available from February)

Remarkable food & drinks

Moong tea

Bubble tea, fruit tea & lemonade

  • Fruit tea 4,5

    Lemon black tea
    Orange green tea
    Lime green tea
    Grapefruit tea

  • Cheese tea 3,75

    Cheese green tea
    Cheese classic black tea
    Cheese ruby black tea

  • Milk tea latte 4,5

    Brown sugar pearl milk
    Brown sugar pearl milk tea

  • Matcha pearl latte 5
  • Cheese fruit tea 5,5

    Cheese strawberry
    Cheese mango
    Cheese pineapple
    Cheese passionfruit

  • Yakult series 5,75

    Yakult passionfruit green tea
    Yakult pineapple green tea

  • Lemonades 3,5

    Lime lemonade
    Grapefruit lemonade


A healthy Chinese experience.

(Available from February)

  • Beijng Duck Jianbing 8,95

  • Chicken Jianbing 6,95

    Chicken kong bao sauce
    Chicken with pineapple
    Chicken with chili sauce

  • Vegetarian Jianbing 5,5

    Authentic Jianbing

  • Shrimp Jianbing 7,95

    Shrimp with sweet and sour sauce
    Shrimp with teriyaki sauce

  • Beef Jianbing 7,95

    Beef with sichuan sauce
    Beef with black bean sauce


Japanese pancakes, sweet and light.

(Available from February)

  • Japanese Soufflé pancakes (2 pc.) 4

    Choose your own topping(s)

  • Toppings 0.5

    Red beans

Our story to tell


Tales from the kitchen

The history of fast food in China is not rich. China was not a big fan of the big chains such as McDonalds or KFC, but it was a phenomenon of street food. The Chinese eaters believe that fast food does not have enough nutrition. Most of the fast food is baked and deep-frozen to offer more simple production. Street food is snacking at a high level. A quick, cheap, but healthy snack for in between.

Moong literally means ‘green soybean‘; the basic ingredient for the products we sell. The green soybean is low in calories and rich in vitamins. With this we make several types of bubble tea, jianbing and soufflé.


Herestraat 80
9711 LL, Groningen

Opening hours


11.30 – 21.00
11.30 – 21.00
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11.30 – 22.00
11.30 – 22.00
11.30 – 22.00
14.00 – 21.00

Drop by sometime.

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